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A Fun Adventure Package for Four
Sandee O.
Santa Maria, CA

Food and Wine Vichy Springs Resort
Richard P.
Bakersfield, CA

Food and Wine Albion River Inn
Melissa E.
Marysville, CA

A Mendocino Coast Wedding
Jennifer H.
Ferndale, CA

A Shopping Spree & Spa Package
Emma M.
Cortland, IL

A Cultural and Creative Arts Package
Jodi T.
Reno, NV


Winner Sandee Ogilvie Shares Her Story About Her Mendocino Weekend Getaway

Thank you for the great time we had after winning the weekly Mendocino Lover's contest. We spent my birthday weekend in April enjoying our prize package.

Our first stop was the Bones Roadhouse, and we had a delicious dinner.

Then on to the Fensalden Inn, which is a well-kept secret. The hospitality Chris and Molli provide is outstanding and we had a most enjoyable stay, so enjoyable, we are going back with our friends in September! I must say that I've never felt so serene and peaceful as I did sitting out on the porch watching the sun go down.

From the Fensalden, we headed to the Headlands Inn, one of our favorite inns. I visited the Book Nook and used my gift card to buy a crockpot recipe book and a decorating book. From there we went to Mendocino Jams and the owner was delightful. We used our gift card and then some and came away with a giant box of jams, sauces, and teas. If you haven't tried her Huckleberry jam, you are missing something very special!

We spent two wonderful days at the headlands, ate at Patterson's Pub, shopped at the Harvest Market and dined on pizza and ice cream at Frankie's Pizza. We visited the lighthouse, and the Botanical Garden's, and the State Park.

On the last night we headed to the Sand & Surf Lodge in Ft. Bragg, and got a nice surprise. All the rooms have been remodeled and they are lovely! We had wine on our patio, and wandered down to the beach. We had dinner at the North Coast Brewing Co. and it was terrific. Bill loved the beer sampler and I had some of the best pizza ever made.

As always, it was very difficult to leave as Mendocino is so magical and it's so easy to relax and take in the perfect surroundings. Thank you so much for sponsoring the contest that made our trip possible.

-- Sandee & Bill Ogilvie


Weekly Winners Announced every Wednesday from
September 12 – December 19, 2012.

  • Week 14 • 12/19/2012

    North Coast
    Krystle G.,
    San Jose, Ca

    "I have always wanted to surprise my husband with something that may just blow his mind. In our 7 1/2 years together I have never been able to. Even when it comes to christmas and birthday gifts. To plan a trip would never be financially possible especially without him knowing. Mendocino is no doubt his favorite place on earth. He grew up in San Francisco near the ocean and I know its where he feels the most whole. After spending time in Iraq I know that when he looks out at the ocean he sees more then just the natural beauty, he sees the country he loves so much, he sees home, and in Mendocino he feels freedom. I can see his body relax as he takes in deep breaths of the fresh crisp ocean air. If I could surprise him with anything in the world it would be a trip to Mendocino. If I could surprise him To give him the gift of adventure and beauty in the place he loves the most. What would be a better surprise then that!"

    Krystle won:
    Headlands Inn Bed & Breakfast $100
    Mendocino Hotel dining $100
    Liquid Fusion Kayak $50
    North Coast Brewing Grill $100
    Gallery Books $50
    Prentice Gallery $50

    South Coast
    Zoe R.,
    San Rafael, CA

    "Truly our first and only vacation was in Mendocino. SIX years later and a four year old and we've never been back. I would love to return to those cliffs and ocean. We never went on a honey-moon and I think Mendocino would be a wonderful place for that - a first honeymoon after 6 years with my true love. Thank you."

    Zoe won:
    Pacific Real Estate and Coasting Homes Christmas Package Two nights in Gualala Point View vacation home $599
    Surf Market $50
    Thai Kitchen $50
    Bones Roadhouse Texas BBQ $100
    Studio Discoveries Tour & fine art gift certificates $350

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