There's a time in every visit to Mendocino County when you're reminded just why you've come here. Maybe it's that first look down at the vineyards and rolling hills of the wine country. Or a deep breath to take in the fragrance of a redwood forest.

Certainly, at some point, you'll feel it in your bones: a sense that you've left the daily grind behind and truly found the escape you've been longing for with its unrivaled wine regions, iconic redwoods, quiet mountain towns, and picture-perfect oceanfront villages.

The county's geographic diversity is truly quite remarkable: Country roads wind through the county, passing vineyards, farms, and orchards that climb into the rolling hills, and tight-rope along a coastline that has inspired many artists, writers, and photographers who call Mendocino home.

Outdoors enthusiasts come to explore Mendocino's bountiful wilderness for hiking, kayak outings, and memorable bike rides. Then, after all that exercise, nothing beats a bit of pampering. You'll find an abundance of quaint inns and bed and breakfasts and many rejuvenating spas. A soothing mineral bath, to be sure, takes the edge off any 60-mile bike ride - or grueling work week.

Food and wine lovers visit Mendocino to savor the acclaimed wines, to sample the award-winning beers, and to dine at many of the fine restaurants that use farm-fresh, locally-grown ingredients. In 2004, Mendocino became the first county in the United States to ban GMOs. This means that everything produced here - wine, fruit, vegetables, and livestock - cannot contain or use any genetically modified organisms or material.

One day in Mendocino County is simply not enough. And a three-to-five days will make you realize that you need more time here to soak up and appreciate the full Mendocino experience. Indeed, Mendocino pays greater rewards the longer you stay.


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